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Getting started with us is easy.

So you’ve heard about CrossFit from friends, family, social media and it’s brought you to CrossFit Continuity.

We offer a free class every Saturday at 10:00 am. This introductory class includes an overview of CrossFit and a great workout. Intro classes are typically smaller and offered to those brand new to CrossFit. This allows our coaching staff to individually assess your current fitness level and discuss your goals in a comfortable environment. Please schedule your free intro class here.

Are you an experience CrossFitter new to the area looking for a new gym? Contact us at

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Here are a few more reasons why you should consider joining CF Continuity. When you're ready, complete the online form below.


We have an experienced coaching staff from different fitness backgrounds. We offer a wide variety in expertise ranging from weightlifting to gymnastics to endurance. But most importantly, passionate in what we love to do, instruct CrossFit!


We thrive on having an awesomely supportive community. The athletes and coaches at CFC are here to support each other, we cheer each other on and enjoy every workout with those we consider family.

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