Wednesday Feb 10, 2016 - CrossFit Continuity

Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

15:00 warm up
row/run/bike @easy pace
mobility - coach led

5:00 power snatch review - coach led
A. Overhead squat - 12:00 technique work - coach led
[OR: PVC pipe or very light bar] +
4 sets:
AMRAP in 3:00
5 hang power snatches, light
7 toes to bar [OR: sit ups] 9 burpees over the bar
:60 rest

When you start the next set, pick up where you left off in the previous set. Score is total rounds
complete overall
Not for time:
Accumulate 2:00 front leaning rest


  1. Can someone please describe the “front leaning rest”?


    • admin

      Front Leaning Rest is basically a plank – push yourself up to the top of a push-up position and hold; hips in line with back and legs, pull your belly button into your spine and push through the floor. Good luck!

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