Testimonials - CrossFit Continuity


Our community is all about the people.  We value personal goal setting, training progression with a smart approach to fitness and provide a balance of challenging programming with coaching support to achieve the results you desire. Our client's agree - see what they are saying below.

Our family has loved MAC for many years. When they announced a program designed for 12-14 year olds, our son jumped at the chance to try a session. He loves having a class of his own that he can be a part of. As a member at MAC, he was intimidated by the weights and some of the machines at first. Coach Pat has made him feel valued and has encouraged him to put forth his best effort. Our son is very disappointed when there is not a Junior Strength training class. He is actually excited to work out. Thank you for giving our teenager something fun and healthy to participate in.

Christa and Kris Guntzelman

Christa and Kris Guntzelman , Parent of Nathan Guntzelman