Testimonials - CrossFit Continuity


Our community is all about the people.  We value personal goal setting, training progression with a smart approach to fitness and provide a balance of challenging programming with coaching support to achieve the results you desire. Our client's agree - see what they are saying below.

Let me tell you how I became involved in crossfit. My daughter and her family have been involved in crossfit in Texas for the past two years. I went down to Texas in March to watch my grandchildren while my daughter was traveling. I had to take my grandson, Bryton, to crossfit while I was there. I became concerned about how much weight he was lifting. He kept talking to me about how they scale the workouts to fit the person. He encouraged me to just try it. When I got back I received an email inviting me to a free crossfit class at Crossfit Continuity. I thought let’s try the free class.

I started taking the on-board classes in May, and I am amazed at how much stronger, more energy, and how much better I feel. The participants at Crossfit Continuity encourage me to continue even when I am tired and want to stop. On the timed workouts I am much slower, but I don’t give up. I keep pushing with the encouragement given to me. Exercising by yourself you tend to give up easily, but I find doing the WOD (workout of the day) with a group is exciting and keeps me coming back

I am 60 years old, the oldest person at the moment, at Crossfit Continuity. If I can do it, then I encourage you to try. It is so much fun.

"What keeps me coming back?  Easy – the people. I can go anyplace and workout... but, it’s the people that keep me coming back. The Coaches at CFC are the best in the area. They are invested in our success! Honestly, if I don’t succeed (i.e. increase the weight of my deadlift or PR my back squat), it’s partially a reflection on them. They don’t just stand around and bark out the next move or yell out the time on the clock. The coaches give you just enough ‘push’ to make you want more. They get involved, they help us set goals, they hold us accountable, and they have become a second family. I feel the same way about the CFC members. They are there to be a better version of themselves; and, they provide support and encouragement to all of us during a tough workout. They get involved!


Had a bad day? Feeling down? Bored? There is nothing better than going to CFC and doing a WOD. You will be met with a knowledgeable, enthusiastic coach and a lot of friends that you didn’t realize you had (or that you didn’t realize that you needed)."


Kim Buxton, CrossFit Classes

"I started attending CFC BBC because I wanted to supplement my regular, traditional CF training regimen and develop a better baseline of overall strength. Olympic lifts are an integral part of developing as an athlete and I saw CFC BBC as a great opportunity to improve the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related auxiliary lifts.


After just a few short weeks, I’m already stronger and faster. I am more confident and comfortable with my range of motion. It takes a lot of repetition for the neuromuscular connection to begin to make sense and I’m finally starting to understand what these lifts are supposed to feel and look like.


CFC BBC is different than traditional CF classes. Each class athletes receive personalized programming tailored to their strengths, weaknesses and goals. Warm ups, stretching and mobility work should be done prior to the start of class. Athletes should come prepared to snatch or clean & jerk, perform dynamic pulling drills, skill transfer drills or other supplemental exercises that will increase explosiveness, strength and coordination in addition to improving comfort and proficiency with the Olympic lifts.


The coaches are well-trained and highly experienced and take the time to teach everyone proper lifting technique and form. With a no BS attitude, they are the real deal… they don’t talk the talk, they walk the walk. Safety, gym etiquette, sportsmanship and having fun are also emphasized. The goal is for everyone to be safe and injury-free, while being challenged and encouraged to find their true and full potential.


At CFC BBC, we are a great community of like-minded people working together as a team to help each other achieve more."


Brenda Moore,

"I have a lot of experience working out and attempting to get and stay “fit.” Over the years, my motivation and overall success in this area have varied significantly. I used to go to the gym with a basic plan of what I wanted to do, but I either quickly lost interest or mindlessly wandered around the gym performing random exercises (and usually not really pushing myself hard). After years of doing this, I knew I needed to make a change, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Could I afford to hire a personal trainer? Should I attend some of the MAC’s aerobics classes? Should I find a workout buddy and hope his schedule would mesh with my own? Here’s what I knew for sure: If I continued doing was I was doing, I would continue getting the same mediocre results. That was not good enough! I was tired of the lack of results!


For me, the solution has been CrossFit Continuity (CFC). CFC workouts are written by experienced, certified coaches, so I don’t have to bother wasting time planning or searching for a new workout routine every few weeks. The workouts are performed in a group setting, so I push myself harder because I want to keep up with the group. Speaking of the group, I have found the CFC community of coaches and members to be terrific! I work harder and get more out of my workouts because I am being encouraged and pushed by others in my class, which is perfect for me! Lastly, I receive expert coaching and encouragement from the experienced CFC coaches each and every class.


Other than being a college athlete, I have never worked harder and never felt better about my workouts than I do now that I regularly workout at CrossFit Continuity. To me, it’s the best value in fitness. I invest in myself and I see results!"

John Polasko, CrossFit Classes