Derek Kidney - CrossFit Continuity

CF Endurance
USAW Coaching Performance Level 1
Outlaw Science and Precision Camp

I found CrossFit in 2012. I've always been fairly active with an occasional run, bike ride or kayaking. I saw the CrossFit games on ESPN a few times and thought, 'that's neat, Californians get all the cool stuff.' I had no idea CrossFit was even available in the area until then. My first class was Karen, 150 wallballs for time. I used a 14# ball and I believe it took me close to 18 minutes. I've never been so wrecked, it took me three days to walk right again. I knew I had found what I was missing and immediately signed up.

After two years, I decided I wanted to make CrossFit a more integral part of my life and approached my box about certification and coaching opportunities. I've been coaching since February, 2015, and love it. I intend to continue to expand my ability and continue to learn.