Brenda Moore - CrossFit Continuity

My CrossFit journey almost didn’t happen.

In 2012, a co-worker discouraged me from trying CrossFit because “you have to be in really good shape to do that”. Several months later, a different co-worker (also a CF-L1 trainer) disagreed and encouraged me to try CrossFit, explaining anyone could do it, despite their current fitness level, weight etc… because every movement could be scaled.

I was a normal person coming into CrossFit, not a former college athlete. I played basketball and ran cross country in high school but never lifted weights – that was for boys. As an adult I continued to run as a way to stay in shape; however, my weight and commitment to exercise were a continuous roller coaster ride.

I’ll never forget how hard it was to walk into the box on my first day. I was in the worst shape of my life, 100 lbs overweight, recovering from stress fractures in both feet and completely broken – physically, mentally and emotionally.

CrossFit is the only program I have consistently stuck with long term. I am never bored and always continue to improve. I love being strong and finding my edge, discovering what my body and mind are capable of. For the first time in my life, I have a healthy relationship with food and understand how to use it as fuel for my body.

Since beginning CrossFit I have completed 5 half marathons, 4 CrossFit competitions, 1 Olympic Lifting competition, 10+ Tough Mudders and 2 Spartan Trifectas.

Yoga Alms ParkIn addition to being a CF-L1 Trainer, I am also a registered yoga teacher (200 RYT) with Yoga Alliance. I completed my yoga teacher training in November 2016 with the intention of bringing it to our CrossFit community. I understand the injuries, aches and pains many of us deal with on a daily basis and I love helping people find stillness and the space to be sweet to themselves.

Like Yin and Yang, Yoga and CrossFit complement each other in every respect and are for everybody and every body. If you focus on doing your best every day, strength and suppleness will come with time.