September 2017 Member of the Month: Lauren Ross - CrossFit Continuity

September 2017 Member of the Month: Lauren Ross

Lauren Ross


When did you first start doing CrossFit?
June 2017

Favorite CrossFit movement?
Deadlifts - is that considered a "CrossFit" movement? Deadlifts have always been my favorite even before starting CrossFit.  I definitely enjoy newer (for me) movements like kipping hspu and kb clean and jerks.

Least favorite CrossFit movement?
Single/Double Unders. Pretty sure these are a lot of moms' least favorite. ‍♀️

How does your first CrossFit experience compare to your experience now?
My very first CrossFit experience was participating in the "Beat the Old Man" challenge. It was definitely tough and Pat kicked my butt. I still think it's tough most days but I love that it challenges me, that I'm learning so many different movements, and that I don't get bored in the same old routine.

What are your hobbies outside of the gym?
My free time is mostly spent with my girls (Riley, 3 and Reese, 1). Otherwise, I'm working one job or another. I teach swim lessons at MAC, administer COBRA/retiree benefits at Chard Snyder and manage Mio's pizzeria

Thoughts from the coaches...

"I had the privilege of knowing Lauren before she joined CFC as she was Parker's swim instructor. She is someone who is easy to talk to and I've really enjoyed getting to know her. I not only have the pleasure of attending classes with her but also the opportunity to coach her. The thing that impresses me the most about Lauren is her determination to finish every WOD no matter what. She has been striving to go RX with the WOD's which has contributed to improvements in strength, endurance, mobility and perfecting the movements. Lauren is someone who picks up the movements naturally and regularly attends classes and barbell which I believe has helped her progress as quickly as she has. No matter how busy her schedule is each week she finds the time to make it to class and gives 100% every time she shows up.

I'm looking forward to seeing what else Lauren can accomplish while at CFC and also watching her compete at the Festivus games next month.

Keep up the good work, Lauren!"

-Coach Steve

"Lauren is one of the hardest working members in the gym - she is focused, dedicated and loves getting stronger and finding new ways to challenge herself. She is consistently making others feel welcome and at ease, and she is a huge asset to the CFC community.

As a coach it's always extremely gratifying to see someone like Lauren take the coaching nuggets we offer and amplify them 10-fold.  The sky is the limit and I look forward to seeing how far she can take her strength and fitness!"

Coach Pat


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