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Barbell Club

imagesBarbell Club is an Olympic lifting class that focuses strictly on the snatch, clean and jerk, and all of its accessory movements. For those wanting to get stronger, significantly improve technique, or both, this is the class for you!

This is an opportunity to get extensive training on the Olympic lifts that will transfer directly into your ability to be a better CrossFitter, or, pursue Weightlifting competitions.

This class takes place on Thursday and Saturday where we focus on the clean & jerk, and the snatch along with all of the accessory movements that support those lifts. More hands on coaching, on a per-rep basis, and more time spent on the lifts, will make you a better athlete all around.

From the clients:

"I started attending CFC BBC because I wanted to supplement my regular, traditional CF training regimen and develop a better baseline of overall strength. Olympic lifts are an integral part of developing as an athlete and I saw CFC BBC as a great opportunity to improve the technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related auxiliary lifts.

After just a few short weeks, I’m already stronger and faster. I am more confident and comfortable with my range of motion. It takes a lot of repetition for the neuromuscular connection to begin to make sense and I’m finally starting to understand what these lifts are supposed to feel and look like.

CFC BBC is different than traditional CF classes. Each class athletes receive personalized programming tailored to their strengths, weaknesses and goals. Warm ups, stretching and mobility work should be done prior to the start of class. Athletes should come prepared to snatch or clean & jerk, perform dynamic pulling drills, skill transfer drills or other supplemental exercises that will increase explosiveness, strength and coordination in addition to improving comfort and proficiency with the Olympic lifts.

The coaches are well-trained and highly experienced and take the time to teach everyone proper lifting technique and form. With a no BS attitude, they are the real deal… they don’t talk the talk, they walk the walk. Safety, gym etiquette, sportsmanship and having fun are also emphasized. The goal is for everyone to be safe and injury-free, while being challenged and encouraged to find their true and full potential.

At CFC BBC, we are a great community of like-minded people working together as a team to help each other achieve more."

Brenda Moore