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May Member of the Month – Steve Toben

Stephen Toben


When did you first start doing CrossFit?
March 2016

Favorite CrossFit movement?
Toes to bar and muscle ups (when I can get them)

Least favorite CrossFit movement?
I have two- thrusters and overhead squats

How does your first CrossFit experience compare to your experience now?
My first experience was the first Open workout of 2016. When I finished, I thought "What am I getting myself into?" I was in pretty good shape but lacked cardio and flexibility. As the past year has gone on, I've noticed my cardio and endurance has definitely improved along with my flexibility. With the exception of double unders I was able to do this years Open workouts RX which is something I could not do a year ago.

What are your hobbies outside of the gym?
I've always been a big sports guy so being able to go see a Reds game with the family is something I really enjoy doing. I also enjoy a nice round of golf here and there. Honestly though raising two boys doesn't allow much time for Andrea and me to have many hobbies these days so being able to come to CrossFit classes together is something I look forward to.

Thoughts from the coaches...

"Steve has made a huge amount of progress over the past year. He is one of our most consistent athletes and it definitely shows, he's improved so much in both his strength and aerobic capacity. He takes the time to really understand the proper form for the Olympic lifts and he's also constantly working on perfecting his gymnastics skills. He has also taken on more of a leadership role among the athletes, helping new people when they have questions or giving someone advice on how to practice a skill. Steve is a great asset to CFC and it has been really cool to watch him become such a great athlete over the past year!
-Coach Chelsea

"Long overdue! Steve is a HUGE asset to CFC, both as an athlete and a member of the community. As coach Chelsea indicated, he works doggedly to perfect form, get strongers, faster, and better, and he is always looking for ways to impove as an athlete. Steve has never shied away from entering competitions to test his fitness, regularly leads warm-ups in our Saturday community class and is always available for questions from newer members. 

Nice work Steve! Keep it up!"
-Coach Pat


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