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June Member of the Month – Alec Swartz

Alec Swartz


When did you first start doing CrossFit?
I first started crossfit in December of 2016. About 6 Months ago.

Favorite CrossFit movement?
My favorite crossfit movement is Power Cleans.

Least favorite movement?
My least favorite would have to be Snatches or thrusters.

How does your first CrossFit experience compare to your experience now?
I have really enjoyed crossfit from day one.  My first experience was very good and has continued to get better as I have progressed. When I first started at CC I had a pretty low self esteem and self confidence to get back in shape. Crossfit and the CC family has really been what I needed to get motivated and enjoy working out again.

What are your hobbies outside of the gym?
Outside of the gym I enjoy anything outdoors. I love to fish, it is definitely my favorite hobby, bass fishing. Other than that I like to go boating, hiking, camping, and any kind of sport. I enjoy watching sports as well; football, hockey, and basketball.

From the Community

"What can i say about Alec Swartz! First got to know him from 9:30 class where the population is mostly female! He's endured quit a bit of razing and teasing! But he always rises to the occasion with a quick witty come back!! Always entertaining! I heard his story of being an athlete most of his life and experienced an injury, came back from that, came to cross fit and is back in shape and getting stronger everyday! Couldn't be more proud. Keep up the good work Alec!"

-Laura Carman, 9:30 AM class member

"What most people don't know is that Alec first signed up for class by accident due to a glitch in Zen Planner. He showed up to a random on-board class, decided to stick it out, and the rest is history. Alec has come such a long way since he first joined in December. He now takes his nutrition very seriously and pushes himself really hard during the workouts. He has improved so much in the past few months and he's just going to keep getting better. Alec is not only a solid athlete, he's also a fun guy to have in class. If you've ever been in a class with Alec, then you know he's hilarious and always has everyone laughing. I'm glad he was able to sign up all thanks to that glitch! I can't wait until he throws these compliments back in my face later"


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