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Is This for Me?

Yes, it is!

Yes it is! (Click to enlarge)

Yes it is! (Click to enlarge)

CrossFit is for anyone who has the desire to learn, work hard and achieve incredible results! The important thing to keep in mind is that everyone works at their own personal maximal effort. As long as you can move your body, you will have an option that will keep you working hard. Want real results? You will love CrossFit and the CF Continuity community!

And don't be fooled by a scary-sounding workout of the day (WOD) such as “Death by Burpees.” It's not literal, people. But it's understandable why you might think so. CrossFit is known for its intensity. When people who are new to CrossFit don't know how to gauge that intensity, they may feel nauseous or sick. Intensity isn't something you add right away. Coaches will help you build a foundation in On-Board class, teaching you about technique and consistency. Once you've got those down, then you can add gradual intensity. There is no point to add speed or volume before proper form.

What you will experience in one of our CrossFit classes usually begins with a thorough warm up, some dedication to strength movements, skill work, and then a "WOD" (workout of the day) that gets you breathing heavy and sweating. This can be anywhere from a short, intense 6-8 minutes to a 20 minute conditioning piece. With CrossFit classes, you will be in and out in an hour.

If you still start to feel bad mid-WOD, stop and let your body recover. Athletes need to learn the difference between discomfort—which is common—and pain—which is uncommon and can be avoided—is part of the learning process when starting CrossFit. It's okay to be uncomfortable, tired, and sore, but it's not okay to be in respiratory distress, exhausted to the point of systemic failure, or injured. Every workout is scalable and every athlete needs to work at their own pace.