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May Member of the Month – Ryshel Bowling

Name: Ryshel Bowling Age: 31 When did you first start doing CrossFit? My first experience ever with CrossFit was 2/1 when CFC opened their doors - I was so nervous! Favorite CrossFit movement? Power Clean - it was just one of the first movements we learned and I feel I can perform them with decent…
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April Member of the Month – Kim Buxton

Name - Kimberly Buxton Age - 46 When did you first start doing CrossFit? I started religiously on February 1, 2016 when Crossfit Continuity opened its doors. I was excited to attend the first class at 5:30 AM on Monday morning. Of course, I’ve never made it back to a 5:30 AM class since :)…
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Jake Archer – Member of the Month February 2016

Name Jake Archer Age 22 When did you first start doing CrossFit? I first started Crossfit when I attended Wright State University in 2014. Sadly I could only do it for two and a half months due to transportation issues. Since then I have been doing body building style workouts. This was fun for the…
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