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Coaches and Staff

  • Chelsea McCarty

    I have been an athlete ever since I was very young. As a child I...

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  • Pat McCarty

    CF L1 CrossFit Games, 2011 Masters 45-49 CrossFit Games, 2013 Masters 50-54 CrossFit Games, 2014...

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  • Brenda Moore

    My CrossFit journey almost didn’t happen. In 2012, a co-worker discouraged me from trying CrossFit...

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  • Tara Miller

    CrossFit Trainer, Level 1 CrossFit Gymnastics CrossFit Powerlifting NASM-CPT Certified Nutrition Coach - Venice Nutrition...

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a.All of our coaches have a strong background in CrossFit training and their focus is to help you achieve your fitness goals!

b.Better coaching leads to less risk of plateau, less risk of injury, and faster achievement of your goals. That's why we only hire the best at CrossFit Continuity. is more than just a name. It represents consistency which is the number one weapon in your arsenal for getting fit. We offer consistency in programming, coaching, and consistency in RESULTS.